Monday, March 24, 2014

The Fast Lane to Goodbye

   Charles and Elena found each other from a seniors’ dating site.  He was 55, a three times divorced American and she was 50, a widowed Filipina.  They emailed, chatted and sent photos to each other.  Charles is blond with blue eyes, almost 6 ft. tall and thin as Vic Sotto.  She thought he looked like Brad Pitt.  Elena was young looking, almost mestiza (almost Caucasian)  with long light brown hair and smooth skin.  She has maintained her figure for those rare occasion when she went swimming with friends and family.  Very few women in their 50’s could match her swim suit photos in her dating site profile.  He thought she looked like any other Asian.  Charles is a racist who was running out of options among American women.

   The whirlwind romance was understandable.  Both were middle aged and felt they did not have time to lose.  They both jumped into the relationship with eyes closed, trying to ignore reasons to back out of it.  They had a nice wedding, a memorable honeymoon and life in the US began for the Elena.  

   Before the mortgage crisis of 2008, finding a job came easy for Elena.  It was a pleasant surprise to her that she was offered a salary of $38K a year.  Charles wanted half of it deposited in his account.  Every night he was served dinner and then tea in his favorite seat in front of the television while Elena did all the house chores as any Filipina is used to doing.  

   In his defense, Charles flew Elena to America in Business Class.  He did not allow her to take public transportation.  She got a car from day one.  Charles never let an occasion go without him handing her $150 to buy herself whatever she wanted.  He took her on vacation trips.  He was the best thing that ever happened to her.

   Elena bought herself nice things.  She can do what she wanted with her half of her pay, no questions asked.  She can send some back to the family in the Philippines.  In return, she facilitated the purchase of a condo unit in Charles’ name as sole owner.  With her own money she furnished that home with comfortable furniture and tastefully decorated each room.  None of the first three ex-wives could beat that.  She was the best thing that ever happened to him.

   Then drugs came into the picture.  Charles found meth and things changed.  He became verbally abusive, greedy with money and hateful.  Elena tried to hang in there until the situation became intolerable.  She later walked out and he filed for a divorce. Once again a good beginning found the fast lane to an unhappy ending.  
Post Script:

    A few months after the divorce Charles lost his job due to his drug addiction then he lost the condo unit to foreclosure.  The last time Elena saw him he looked skin and bones thin, walks with a shake and like one shower away from being homeless.  

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