Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pasay City Born and Bred

   "Why are you crediting Pasay City for molding your character?  All of us your kids are just as tough but we didn't grow up in Pasay" a daughter in California asked her mother sounding irritated at her mother’s love of her city.

   The mother answered as follows:

   "In whatever place I raised you and your brothers is just a name in the map.  You can take me out of Pasay but you cannot take Pasay out of me.  A Pasay mother taught you to be independent, tough, and best of all, survivors.  While growing up you saw me do a whole lot of things other mommies from another city would not even dream of doing.  Remember when I --

  • Laid red bricks on the facade of our house, painted the interior and shoveled cement to pave the driveway myself; 
  • Fought with a drunken neighbor in Las Pinas and police were called to settle the issue because I refused to back down;
  • Sued a foreign cult in Cavite for preaching an injurious advice that affected our family’s health.  We lost the case but it wasn’t about winning.  It was about disputing when you know you’re right; 
  • Bossed over taxi drivers and faced corruption when I was a transport operator; 
  • Sheltered an abused woman running from her husband who threatened to retaliate against me if I didn’t give her up;  
  • Bailed out your brothers on two separate occasions, the first one I asked the police to lock him up because he was guilty of a misdemeanor but the police insisted on releasing him; and the other one I fought the police because it was an illegal arrest but then ended up paying a fine for my son’s release with another inmate, a perfect stranger, on a buy one take one deal;  
  • Broke free from a 23 year marriage and still managed to get you through college; 
  • Chased the love of my life halfway across the globe because no age is too old and no place is too far to be with someone you love.
   So whether you like it or not Pasay is in your character, probably the one good thing you got from me."  

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