Friday, February 7, 2014

Blog's 1st Anniversary

   When I saw the video of Paul Williams’ trip to the Philippines I decided to write an article about it.  I’ve always loved his music and now I’ve had a rare view of his interaction with Filipinos.  A blog was born.  

   Initially the blog’s main purpose was to promote the book The Email Ordered Wife, which was launched in the fall of 2012.
   Then came the article about Love at First Sight,  something I have always believed in.  I’ve been told countless times that whirlwind romance never last.  It’s not real.  If that was so, how come after 34 years of his goodbye, I still ache for the man I loved before I even knew his name?  The following article, One Adam for One Eve, is another argument for a similar premise.  The heart is stubborn and persevering.
   This blog gave me an instrument in paying my respect to those who have died my mother, my grandfather, my friend Linda, Tamboy, JoeCar, cousin Rey and to those who are alive like my father, Vilma Santos and Erap.

   Gifts of Mercy, Gifts of Patience and Compassion, See You in Paradise, The Signs, A Colorful Past and Unspoken Prayer are a few of the articles with personal insights from the Bible.
   In March 2013, I posted The Shallowness of Youth.  It gained a few page views till by October it suddenly jumped to the top of the list of popular posts.  As of today it has gained 3,487 page views, of which 3,450 came from Ukraine.

   The Ladies of the Palace is a political statement that was meant to give credit where credit is due.  While other countries refuse to accept women leaders mostly out of prejudice the last three women that marched through Malacanang Palace have made significant contributions to the Filipinos that male leaders of other nations would pale in comparison. 
   The articles The Chicken, Leadership, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Tamboy are all set in the infamous Martial Law years.  Some may question why give tribute to Imelda Marcos then in the same page give that dark side of Philippine history.  I don’t believe Imelda Marcos was personally guilty of the army atrocities.  As for the corruption accredited to her, if the courts backed by her opposition could not convict her why should this lowly writer. 

   The articles Nature’s Water Park, Virtues of Poverty and Dance on the Brink of Death recalls the Philippines’ love/hate relationship with water.  The typhoon season that batters the country every year is what nurtures vegetation and cleans up the air as it bolsters the strength of the Filipino character.

   Somewhere along the way the original function of the blog was lost in the life stories of the women as products of their era.  The many facets of the Filipina unfolds as a military leader Garbriela Silang, a political leader Vilma Santos, as a lover or a wife or both in the same shoes, as a mother, as a daughter, an immigrant, an 8 year old television talk show host, etc.  Thanks to the 11,920 readers from different countries, the has taken on a life of its own.  

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