Monday, January 6, 2014

The Genes of the Father

   Marta moved to San Francisco, California to be with her daughter Karla.  She knew about movies but knew nothing about "Indie".  She came from an era when art and entertainment were generated by corporations or supported by elite patrons.  Karla told her about Indie writers, music composers and organizations that support them.  That she found them on line and volunteers to help in video productions and belonged to at least one of the organizations.  Such volunteers don’t get paid for their time.  Marta who has ‘employee mentality’ was amazed at the dedication and camaraderie among perfect strangers.

   One day Karla came home crying over an Indie singer/songwriter who died of cancer.  She had previously worked as a volunteer for the late artist.  They attended the memorial.  It was held in the ground floor of one of the old buildings in downtown San Francisco.  There was a stage and an image of the artist projected on screen behind the emcee.  There were several tables with lighted candles, food and wine for all.  The place was filled to capacity.  On stage, a woman was singing one of her original compositions, accompanying herself with a guitar.  More composers/singers followed giving a rendition of either their own or the late artist’s songs.  The widower talked about his late wife.  In between the live performances, videos of the artist who passed away were played and her music album was given as a party favor to the attendees.  

   As the night went on Marta in her mind’s eye could see Karla's father who died when the girl was in college socializing animatedly from table to table.  Finally Marta saw where Karla got it from.  He was gregarious unlike Marta who is more of a loner.  He was a highly intelligent man.  This would definitely have been his scene if he was alive today.  He would have loved to be around talented people on their way to main stream recognition.  Come to think of it, he would probably be volunteering too like Karla.  In the Philippines he was an active member of organizations, one of them was Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) when he was an Advertising Manager.  He would have been proud that his daughter is associated with bohemians of San Francisco on her way to her own Oscar for screen writing.  

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