Monday, December 2, 2013

Thrift Tips Part 2

TIP #1:   Maggie, a Filipina who lived in Louisville, KY, used the cheapest gasoline for Slick, her Saturn.  The price said she was saving about 15 cents per gallon.  Then one day she ran out of gas where there was only a Marathon gas station.  She had to bear the extra expense.  After she filled up her tank, as soon as she switched her engine on she noticed a roar that she never heard before.  When she stepped on the gas pedal the engine seemed to have gained more power so that just a little tap on the pedal went a longer way than it used to.  She realized she had been limiting Slick with her cost cutting all those years.  She could not apologize enough to Slick for the damage cheap gas might have done to her engine.

   Seven years later Maggie moved to San Francisco and could not find Marathon.  Her stinginess kicked in again.  She went back to the cheapest one she could find.  It was the kind that accepted only debit cards or cash.  Then a friend told her about Chevron.  She tried it.  It cost a few cents more.  The engine did not regain the roar she got with Marathon however at the end of the week she still had a quarter of a tank remaining.  She realized she actually saved because a little tap on the gas went farther than it used to.  She decided to stick to Chevron in the absence of Marathon.  

TIP #2:   If you have ants that show up around the house instead of using insecticide, you can go to an Asian store where a big bag of sea salt would cost no more than $3.  Sea salt is not a chemical that can cause side effects.  It is a mineral that God created for seasoning food which means it can’t harm anyone.  Spread the salt wherever you find ants (for some reason even I don’t know ants hate salt).  You can use the rest of the salt for your cooking needs.  In the Philippines salt is also used to fight termites.  You dissolve in water and pour in the house foundation.  When the water evaporates it will leave the solidified salt in the ground.  Cheaper than pest control!

TIP #3:   If you have insects that bother your garden, buy cheap cigarettes take off the filter and soak some in a pale of water overnight.  Sprinkle the garden with the water in the morning.  This will not hurt the plant because tobacco is shredded leaf not a chemical.  Insects will avoid the plants because they know it can’t be good for them little bitty creatures if cigarette can cause cancer in big humans.

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