Monday, December 23, 2013

Losing Love

   Daisy had just lost Manny to US immigration when she found out she was pregnant.  She did not stop him from leaving.  She had nothing to offer.  She was hard working and drove an old red Volkswagen Beetle but she was not rich and never will be.  She did not want to stand in the way of his success.  It was his lifelong dream to live and work in America. 

   They met in mid November.  It was love at first sight but all he could talk about was his immigration plans.  By mid December Daisy was pregnant.  She tried to put up a brave front.  She told him she can raise the baby by herself, that she didn't need his support.  She was old enough to know how to prevent pregnancy but chose to throw caution to the wind.  It would have been an entrapment if she were to hold him to the responsibility.  

   When next December came she locked herself in her room to wrap Christmas presents.  She didn't want her baby crawling around knife and scissors.  Suddenly she got the impulse to cut her wrist.  Life meant nothing without Manny.  That was when she heard her baby cry outside the door.  She decided to live till the little girl has grown. 

   It has been said that one dies when one is ready.  Daisy has been ready from the last day she saw Manny.  Life meant nothing without him.  Then she met Jehovah's witnesses who showed her in the Bible God's promise of paradise on earth. (Isaiah 65:17-25)  She realized she could be with Manny again someday.   She finally decided to live on and let nature take its course.  

   Daisy arrived in America in 2006.  She never saw Manny again.  He died in Texas in 1998. 

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Nationalist Abroad

   Nationalism is not about saluting the flag.  The flag is only a symbol of a country's identity.  Nationalism is love of country, not the land.  Soil and sea are the same everywhere.  It is the love for one's own people.  How does a nationalist remain as one after immigration? 

   Sarah was a teen in the late 60’s when the Philippines was undergoing political changes.  She was politicized in college, a process mature people at that time called ‘brain washing’ due to the very controversial ideologies involved.  She had always been patriotic.  Unlike most Filipinos she did not dream of traveling or living abroad.  She loved everything Filipino, food, movies, and was proud of Filipino innovations like the jeepney.  She felt more than normal attachment to the heroes of the Philippine revolution. 

   As the years drifted by her life took a turn from left to right, with more ups and downs than common to most.  Sarah found herself an immigrant in the US.  She appreciated the big difference in the American system as compared to the Philippines such as the social services for the poor and the aged, the secure postal system, the hiring of middle aged and disabled and a police force that actually help and protect people. 

   She met Filipinas who would rather be called Americans.  One of them invited Sarah to dinner at her place and when Sarah asked for a spoon her host said “You need to learn to eat with fork only now that you’re in America.”  One of them claimed to have descended from the Greek while her skin color and accent clearly shouts Cebu. 

   Sarah could not understand their point of view and they could not get hers because her heart dictates a love for her nation that knows no boundaries.  She buys Colgate, Hunts, Hormel, and other brands she knew are manufacturing in the Philippines because it’s her small way of patronizing companies that invest and provide jobs to her people. 

   She takes every opportunity to speak of her beautiful Philippines, the unique culture and highlights the qualities of the Filipino as different from other Asians to an extent that her daughter told her “Mom, stop it already!  You sound like a tourism agent.”

   Citizenship is printed on paper.  The all-knowing God who created mankind put nationality in the blood.  The DNA that flows through a Filipina’s heart certifies with every beat her nationality.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thrift Tips Part 2

TIP #1:   Maggie, a Filipina who lived in Louisville, KY, used the cheapest gasoline for Slick, her Saturn.  The price said she was saving about 15 cents per gallon.  Then one day she ran out of gas where there was only a Marathon gas station.  She had to bear the extra expense.  After she filled up her tank, as soon as she switched her engine on she noticed a roar that she never heard before.  When she stepped on the gas pedal the engine seemed to have gained more power so that just a little tap on the pedal went a longer way than it used to.  She realized she had been limiting Slick with her cost cutting all those years.  She could not apologize enough to Slick for the damage cheap gas might have done to her engine.

   Seven years later Maggie moved to San Francisco and could not find Marathon.  Her stinginess kicked in again.  She went back to the cheapest one she could find.  It was the kind that accepted only debit cards or cash.  Then a friend told her about Chevron.  She tried it.  It cost a few cents more.  The engine did not regain the roar she got with Marathon however at the end of the week she still had a quarter of a tank remaining.  She realized she actually saved because a little tap on the gas went farther than it used to.  She decided to stick to Chevron in the absence of Marathon.  

TIP #2:   If you have ants that show up around the house instead of using insecticide, you can go to an Asian store where a big bag of sea salt would cost no more than $3.  Sea salt is not a chemical that can cause side effects.  It is a mineral that God created for seasoning food which means it can’t harm anyone.  Spread the salt wherever you find ants (for some reason even I don’t know ants hate salt).  You can use the rest of the salt for your cooking needs.  In the Philippines salt is also used to fight termites.  You dissolve in water and pour in the house foundation.  When the water evaporates it will leave the solidified salt in the ground.  Cheaper than pest control!

TIP #3:   If you have insects that bother your garden, buy cheap cigarettes take off the filter and soak some in a pale of water overnight.  Sprinkle the garden with the water in the morning.  This will not hurt the plant because tobacco is shredded leaf not a chemical.  Insects will avoid the plants because they know it can’t be good for them little bitty creatures if cigarette can cause cancer in big humans.