Monday, November 25, 2013

Cradle Snatcher

   Candi, who married at 18, went to the movies with her 8 year old son.  She was 26 but looked 10 years younger due to her slim physique.    In 1978 there was no computer application that gave out movie screening schedule.  The two got to the theater 30 minutes too early.  They waited at the lobby which was open to the sidewalk.  

   A teenage boy on a bike  passed them and stopped to small talk.  Candi figured there was no harm.  They obviously all belonged to the same community.  The teen didn't ask about the boy she was with.  He must have assumed Candi's son was her brother.  She didn't look old enough to have a son that age.  After the introduction was done the teen started to flirt with Candi which she found amusing.  The past 9 years has slowly killed the passion in her  marriage.  

   The teen asked for Candi's  address.  She gave it to him without a second thought.  A few days later Candi's husband woke her from an afternoon nap.  There was a young man on a bike at their front door asking for her.  It never occurred to the teen the man he was facing was her husband.  She did give him her address. A married woman might not have done that.  Candi told her husband to get rid of the teen by letting him know she was married.

   By 2013 Candi was divorced and living in California.  She and her daughter decided to use the street cleaning hours which cleared the streets of parked cars to drive around the block so the younger girl could practice for her coming driver's license test.  Three times they passed a Latino teen on a bike.  

   A week later while Candi was cleaning her car along the street the same Latino teen of about 16 approached and started to small talk.  This was how the conversation went down:

Teen: Do you teach people how to drive?

Candi: No, that was just my daughter.  

Teen: Why was your husband not teaching her?

Candi: Oh, I'm not married.  

Teen: Why not? you're pretty.

Candi:  Thank you but I'm tired of talking care of a husband.

Teen: I'll take care of you. (Candi looks a doable 60 but this was hilarious.)  

Candi: Really?!  What do you think your mom would say about that?

Teen: We don't have to tell her. I can live with you.

Candi: No, that won't work.  

   The sad part of this story was Candi never got offers like this from men closer to her age, a flattering but frustrating recurring proposition of cradle snatching.


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