Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dance On the Brink of Death

   Here’s a story about another Filipina during another storm at another place and time.  She was a Filipina like all the rest if not for a short video of her last moment on this earth.  The video gave the world an opportunity to meet her and show a character like no other.
   As most Filipinas her age she had dreams of a bright future and a long life with her loved ones.  She may have been poor by rich people's standards but she was a diamond in the mud.

   When she was trapped by the raging water she could see people across the river but she didn't beg for rescue probably not wanting to endanger anyone else.  She was old enough to know the odds of her getting rescued.  She must have been scared.  She sat and ate her last meal.  Then she danced for the camera, for her live audience across the river.   Her courage was incredible.  She didn't give up easily.  She fought to stay alive in the water but the river got the best of her and just before she sank under water she raised both arms as if in triumph.  And triumph she did.  Anyone can die a conventional death but no one else could die in such a grand manner.
   Anderson Cooper of CNN during his visit to the typhoon stricken Tacloban City, Philippines said "Thank you for showing us all how to live."

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