Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Politics of Marriage

   Although the two countries' economies have always been intertwined 5 years after World War II ended, the American presence in the Philippines was at its height.  Raw materials were imported from the United States.  The Filipino cheap labor created the finished products which were then exported back to the US and other countries.  

   Most young Filipinos at that time joined the US Armed Forces.  Carding was one of them.  When Carding’s father Mauricio heard about Carding’s courting Tinay’s daughter Duday he told his wife it would be a good idea to arrange their marriage.  US enlisted men who married abroad never came back.  They stood to lose a dollar earner.  His wife agreed.  Mauricio approached Tinay to propose the matrimony between their young ones.  

   “My daughter has a weak heart.  I don’t think it would be good for her to marry.”  Tinay said, cautious about the offer.  

   “Carding has been accepted in the US Army.  He will be able to get her better medical treatment in Sangley Point hospital.”  Mauricio gave Tinay an offer she can’t refuse.  

   The following week Tinay told Duday “Go get dressed, put on something nice.  We’re going someplace.”  Duday did immediately as she was told.  Somewhere in the adjacent city Mauricio was giving his son Carding the same directive.  The four characters met up in front of a judge.  

   “If there’s anyone who objects to the union of Carding and Duday in matrimony let him speak now or forever hold his peace.” the Judge started with the customary line.  

   The groom and bride looked at each other in shock.  Neither one of them had a clue.  They knew each other real well, even flirted once or twice.  Obviously their parents knew each other too.  However getting wed to each other on that day was never in their wildest dreams.  Duday had other suitors although she favored Carding.  They were both afraid to question their parents.  

Carole Lombard
   During the honeymoon Carding found Duday who was a Spanish mestiza almost centerfold perfect.  Her long white thighs and legs reflected the moonlight coming in through the window.  She had long brown hair, aquiline nose, deep Spanish eyes and the thin lips that were in fashion before women artificially plumped up their lips.  Carding realized his new wife looked like Carole Lombard.  

   Duday died at the age of 55.  She left Carding three children.  They were together for 32 years.  Below is a song that was popular among US enlisted men and their wives of that era.

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