Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hidden Gender 1

   Today’s gay generation is fighting to be allowed same sex marriage.  They were not always so brave.  In the early 70’s in the Philippines, Amanda, a 19 year old absolutely gorgeous heterosexual girl had her first encounter with the third kind.

   He was 5’11 tall, not a common height for a Filipino.  His name was Guerrero, 29, which means “warrior”, a name that showed his parents must have towering hopes for their son’s manliness.  He bragged that he could do karate although no one has seen him in action.  He took up Engineering in college, a course dominated by men of that era.  He was manly good looking with curly hair and almost Caucasian white skin.  He was a wide reader, the kind that would often name drop the authors and titles he has read.

   Amanda was smitten.  He never asked her out or even called however during parties Guerrero openly flirted with her, making sure other friends heard him, which flattered the young girl.  He would say such things as “Amanda is the girl of my dreams” or “if she wasn’t dating my friend I’d definitely make her mine.”  

   Those words were convincing enough for Amanda to make the call herself.  Guerrero hung up on her before she could say a word.  Amanda never called again and avoided the usual parties where he would be invited.  

   One day Amanda heard one of their friends died in a motorcycle accident.  She went to the wake and was puzzled why all their friends were giving their condolences to Guerrero instead of the parents of the deceased.  From bits and pieces of the guests’ conversations Amanda realized Guerrero and the man who died were more than just friends.  

   Typically it is a strikingly attractive female who qualifies to be a distraction for hiding in plain sight.  Amanda who was clueless at the ways of the closet gay was emotionally bruised by way she had been used to decorate the closet door.  

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