Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Dream

   Sheryl had a dream where she sat on a large square rock under a tree wearing a white robe.  She saw in some distance many people dressed similarly in groups.  Before she could make sense of why she was there and why she was dressed that way, a man walked up to her casually dressed in yellow tee shirt and black pants saying “Miss, isn’t your name Sheryl?”  

   Sheryl looked up at the man standing beside her and saw that he was smiling with beautiful teeth and dimples.  She recognized that it was Enrico, the love of her life she lost to US immigration twenty years ago.  With her eyes on his face she woke up and cried.  When she replayed the dream in her head, some questions came to mind.  What was that place that looked like a park?  Who were all those people dressed in white robes like ghosts  Why was every one dressed in white except Enrico who was wearing colored regular clothes?  Did the dream have a message?  What was the dream trying to tell her?  

   As a catholic she was told from childhood that dead people came back as ghosts dressed in white robe.  Did her white robe in the dream mean she was going to die?  Why was Enrico the only one not in white?  Sheryl told her dreams to friends hoping someone could come up with an idea that would make sense, none could offer any insight.  

   Two years quickly passed.   She found out over the internet that Enrico has died three years prior.  The dream made a bit of sense except that everyone in white like she was, was actually alive and Enrico who was the only one wearing regular clothes was the only one deceased.  

   Still one puzzle remained.  Why would he say “Isn’t your name Sheryl?”  Surely he could not have forgotten her.  His eyes showed recognition.  He must have been teasing her like he used to when they were dating.  

   Twelve years ran like water changing everything in its path.  Sheryl has immigrated to America hoping the travel would dull the pain of losing Enrico to death, a final blow to her undying hope for a reconnection.  

   When the Immigration form asked if she wished to change her name, Sheryl decided to make her pen name she used in her writing as her legal name.  She took the oath for her US citizenship under her new name, Samantha Galvez.  

   The first time Sheryl heard someone called her by her new name she realized what the remaining puzzle in the dream meant.  On the resurrection of the dead Enrico recognized her but had to ask because her tombstone bears the name Samantha Galvez.  "...all those in the memorial tombs will...come out..." (John 5:28-29)

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