Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mother Said...

My mother 

   Every daughter who has had interaction with her mother brings into her own family a truck load of information one would not find in Google.  Samples are as follows:

 “When sautéing bitter melon (Ampalaya) you have to smile the whole time to remove the bitter taste.”    Much later in life the daughter learned from a neighbor that soaking the sliced bitter melon in salt and water overnight removes the bitter taste.

   “There is a Jew in the Old Testament named Samuel Bilibeth who was disobedient and was punished by God with an endless life of walking and absolutely no rest.  To this day he is out there walking.  He can’t die.  Wherever he gets tired and trys to sit down an angel would appear to command him – Lakad Samuel lakad! Which means keep walking Samuel!”  The daughter cannot find this in the Bible and she asked every preacher that she met.

   “Do not ever wear fancy or fake jewelry.  The one time that you do all your jewelry pieces will be suspect.  No matter how expensive or how authentic people will think you’re wearing fake.”  The daughter envied her friends with fabulous costume jewelry.  She could only afford small real ones.

   “When you see black ants congregating on the wall the family will receive some money.”  Black ants are common in the Philippines and have not been known to carry any disease.  They don’t bite like the red ones so they are not vigorously exterminated.

   “Do not let rats hear you speaking ill of them or they will chew holes on your socks.  Someone did and rats came to destroy his socks but did not touch the socks of the rest of the family.  We should call them mabait instead (means good or nice in English).”  The daughter did not want to dare the rats.  

   “If you hear a house lizard make clucking sound a letter is coming in the mail.”  The house lizards (butiki) were harmless and small.  Children in the 50’s would catch them and play with them.  They roamed in the ceiling and ate mosquito.  The window/door screens in the modern homes kept the mosquito out and the lizards became extinct.  True enough the post delivered less and less mail with the coming of the internet.  

   “If someone borrows a piece of clothing do not take it back.  Anyone who sees you wearing it will think you’re the one who borrowed.”  

   And the list goes on…

   " not forsake the law of your mother." (Proverbs 6:20)

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