Friday, September 27, 2013

Get Up…

   Olivia, a Filipina was abandoned in the Philippines by her Filipino husband of 23 years.  He ran off to the US to marry another Filipina.  She raised their children and got them through college without any support from her runaway husband.  

   At 51 she was alone with two sons married and one daughter abroad.  In her loneliness she dated an American and married him after three years.  She joined him in the US, got her ‘green card’ and got a job in a bank.  During the height of the mortgage crisis of 2008, Olivia was diagnosed with kidney disease.  She will require regular hemodialysis.  Her American husband panicked over finances and divorced her.  She found herself alone again after only 3 years of marriage.

   She thought at least she had her job to fall back on.  Unfortunately, a corporation which has hundreds of thousands of employees can self-insure to avoid paying the cost of commercial insurance.  To keep the losses at a minimum they fire employees that would require expensive medical treatment.  Within a year on dialysis, Olivia was fired for “unsatisfactory performance” after four years of employment in the bank.

   Three years after her divorce Olivia still lived in the same zip code as her American ex-husband who wondered what she was hanging around for.  Why not go home to the Philippines and die in the arms of her countrymen or join her cousins in California?  

   He would never have guessed the reason in a million years.  A lesson from Olivia’s grandmother says “Kung saan ka nadapa doon ka babangon.”  Literally it meant ‘you rise where you fall’.  Symbolically it meant bloodied, beat or dying you let your enemy see you stand.

   Olivia is just one of the many Filipina survivors abroad who by the nature of her country, the culture of her people and God’s great mercy seems unbeatable by Satan’s prevailing system.  “…the ruler of the world is coming and he has no hold on me…” (John 14:28-30)

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