Friday, September 6, 2013

Educating Mom – Hulu and Netflix

Cast of Emily Owens M.D.
   Julie lived alone for four years after her divorce.  She resolved to say goodbye to romance.  No problem, she had cable television.  It filed the vacuum in her life.  She came home from work to her local channel shows.  Law and Order (NBC) fed her criminology fantasies.  Emily Owens M.D. (CW) and Revenge (ABC) gave her drama.  1600 Penn (NBC) and Big Bang Theory (CBS) gave her laughter.  Saturday Night Live (NBC) kept her up late and she vaguely remembered the distant past when a live man not a live show kept her awake.  

   Due to the tough economy more families are moving in together these days to save on rent.  Julie and her daughter decided to share an apartment after being apart for a decade.  Tina, her daughter belonged to the Generation-X that gave rise to the MTV, internet, mobile phone, GPS, etc.  She did not want cable television because she has Hulu and Netflix.  

   Julie missed the continuation of the cable television shows she had followed from the pilot episodes.  She sold her television set during the move now can’t afford to buy one.  Tina’s TV has a Comcast router that connects the internet to the television.  This is too high tech for the ‘baby boomer’ mom.  Julie refused to turn on the television when she was home alone afraid she might mess it up.

   Tina showed her mother how they can watch episodes one after another of her cable TV favorites with Hulu which has Body of Proof, Law and Order and Emily Owens M.D., Nashville, etc.  Netflix gave them 4 seasons of Hotel Babylon, the BBC drama about hotel employees, their secrets and love life.  This was the first British show Julie fell in love with.   

   Now that her favorite television shows are available Julie is missing the commercials.  There were some that she followed like The E-Trade Baby, The Hopper, The Geico animals, The Windex Magpies, etc.  

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