Thursday, August 1, 2013

Overseas Filipina Wife, the New OFW

   In this era of globalization more and more Filipinas are finding their way to other countries through marriage to a groom of another race or nationality.  Some dating sites say the Filipina is the best wife in the world to encourage interracial marriage.  

   There is nothing wrong with interracial marriage.  After all we are one nation under God.  However the Filipina if truly in love or in legal term marrying in good faith would still not tolerate abuse of any kind.  She will run or fight back.  In which case the husband might wish she runs instead.  As an Australian who married a Filipina says “Don’t expect a docile little wife who will sit around watching her family deteriorate because you’re a bad provider or make bad decisions.  If you don’t “wear the trousers”, she will!  Someone has to!  Respect must be earned and it must be deserved.  Don’t think you may act like a tyrant or a Sultan in his palace and get away with it.  These are generally strong and very capable women.” (

   This is not to say the Filipina is a disrespectful wife.  She probably will not get dragged into screaming bouts out of respect but her silence means more than words.  It could mean loss of love.  What is there to say when love dies?  A woman of a few words, goodbye could be the only one that comes to mind.

   Like her OFW male counterpart (Overseas Filipino Worker) the Filipina would have to send money to her kin.  She would gladly get a job and work for the money she will be sending home.  She would feel it a great injustice if she were to be forbidden to send a part of her hard earned money after contributions to the marital budget.  Some cultures would insist that the Filipina wife hand over all her pay to the husband.  This would reduce the marriage to slavery.  After centuries of fighting against colonization in her native land, a Filipina would not accept it in any form.  

   If loved, respected and cherished the Filipina wife would stay and support her husband of any nationality for better or worse, a pledge that has been taken lightly by many women around the globe.

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