Thursday, August 8, 2013

Laundry Day Scare

   When Vicky was at her neighborhood Laundromat she agonized about the coin operated machine she picked.  To be sure that the clothes were being cleaned she sat in front of the washer and watched the soap bubbles through the glass door.  Then she worried that the bubbles were not enough.  The dryers are typically one on top of another.  Until her dryer started turning Vicky worried the coins would feed someone else’s dryer. 

   A big burly man with shaved head took the washer next to hers and put three items of clothing.  It was noticeable because most of the people there had bags and hampers full.  The guy had only three pieces.  Vicky observed that the guy put too much detergent so that his bubbles were ten times hers.  When the man’s laundry was done he moved the clothes to a dryer and Vicky saw him inspect the clothes for any remaining stain and was satisfied with the spotless white items.  Vicky deduced that the man was washing some crime evidence off.  Why else would he put too much detergent and who drives to the Laundromat for only three pieces? 

   Vicky came home and found her slippers missing.  She always took off her shoes and put on her slippers behind the front door.  Today she did not find her slippers there.  She went into the bedroom and the slippers were not there either.  She went into the bathroom although she would never leave her slippers there and come out barefoot.  She went into the kitchen thinking she might have put on her shoes there.  The slippers are nowhere.  Fear was beginning to build up in her.  She thought someone might have broken into her home to steal.  She went for her jewelries.  Nothing was missing.  Fear turned to panic.  If someone came in to steal only the slippers then the purpose was to show her that he can break in anytime to hurt her.  She ran back to the door to check if the lock had been tampered.  Then she noticed she was wearing the slippers all along.

   In this era of sex offenders, identity theft and cyber bullying there are so many scary scenarios that were unheard of some 30 years ago.  Vicky’s fears may sound ridiculous to other people but they are very real to her.

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