Saturday, August 24, 2013

Household Thrift Tips

   Filipinas are known for being thrifty.  Below are some household thrift tips.
  •    If a jar of banana peppers runs empty use the juice to marinade.  Drain a can of button mushroom and marinade overnight in the banana pepper juice with some salt to taste.  Then drain the mushroom again and fry in small amount of butter.  Stick wooden picks in the mushroom and serve as appetizer.  
  •    Left over gravy or beef steak sauce can be used to flavor fried rice.
  •    Peanut butter can be used to flavor Kare-kare instead of packet flavoring.
  •    Japanese/Asian stores have a variety of salad dressings that cost less and offer a novel taste to your lettuce/vegies such as Miso Dressing and Roasted Sesame Dressing.
  •    Japanese stores in the malls such as Daiso or Ichiban Kan have fabulous dollar items that can’t be found in the regular dollar stores.
  •    Open the blinds to let sunshine in rather than turning the light on.  Sunshine is better for the health and cost nothing.
  •    Lint roller works just as well on furniture with fabric cushion cover.  If buying used furniture use the lint roller to detail clean it then spray soaked the fabric with fabric freshener.  The lint roller will remove dust, pet hair, etc.  The fabric freshener will chemically clean the fabric making it good as new.
  •    Boxed hair dyes have instruction not to store after mixing the two components.  If only a small amount is needed for root coloring mix small amounts from both components in a plastic dye saucer and use hair dye brush to apply.  The unmixed left over in the bottles can be used for the next root covering.  Beauty product stores carry plastic dye saucer and hair dye brush at a small cost and can be used forever.  Just wash after using.
  •    Old salad bacon crumbs or other salad flavoring can be used to flavor fried rice, pasta sauce and sautéed dishes.  The heat would refresh the bacon and/or salad flavoring.  
  •    Wiping with liquid car wax takes off set grime/dust from car paint which drive-through car wash leave behind.  Keep a spray bottle and disposable paper wipes in the trunk and use waiting time to wipe the car one section at a time.  You would be surprised to find there’s a different brighter color behind all the dirt that would come off.
“She also gets up while it is still night and gives food to her household…” (Proverbs 31:15-19)

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