Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DNA, Wine and Injustice

   Below are some fine points plucked from the Bible:

  “Your brother’s blood is crying out to me from the ground” (Genesis 4:10) Abel’s blood that was spilled retained his identity so that it speaks for him.  Only in recent years did scientists discover that blood retains the owner’s identity, his DNA long after the person has died.

  •   “Because sentence against a bad work has not been executed speedily, that is why the heart of the sons of men has become fully set in them to do bad.” (Ecclesiastes 8:11) For every crime that goes unpunished more criminals are encouraged.

  •   “Now Noah started off as a farmer and proceeded to plant a vineyard.  And he began drinking of the wine…” (Genesis 9:20-21)  Noah was the first to make wine.  God did not reprimand him.  He was not a drunk as the movie portrayed.  “He is making …vegetation for …mankind and wine that makes the heart of mortal man rejoice...” (Psalm 104:14-15)  God made wine for mankind to enjoy.  If God did not want man to drink wine he could have altered the grapes so that it would spoil instead of age.  

  •   “…keep these things without prejudgment, doing nothing according to a biased leaning” (1 Timothy 5:21)  Prejudging a person or treating anyone based on bias is not pleasing to God.  It is currently called racial profiling, prejudice or discrimination.

  “At length Jehu came to Jezreel and Jezebel herself heard of it.  And she proceeded to paint her eyes with black paint …” (2 Kings 9:30)  This shows women used eye makeup in 580 BC. 

 “…you have been weighed in the balances and have been found deficient” (Daniel 5:25-28)  This was used in the title of a Lino Broka movie Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang which had nothing to do with the Bible.  The movie won 6 major FAMAS Awards in 1974: Best Picture, Best Actor (Christopher De Leon), Best Actress (Lolita Rodriguez), Best Director (Lino Brocka), Best Musical Score (Lutgardo Labad), Best Theme Song (Emmanuel Lacaba for Awit ni Koala).

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