Monday, July 29, 2013

The Roommate Agreement

   When Raquel hit middle age she decided to move in with her Trekkie daughter, Esse.  Esse, a child prodigy herself, agreed but she wanted a Roommate Agreement like the one Sheldon Cooper has with Leonard Hofstadter, the boys from the television show, Big Bang Theory.  Their Roommate Agreement items are as follows:

1.  Esse does the toilet as soon as she wakes up in the morning and stays there for an hour.  This goes on every day without exception like clockwork like Sheldon.

2.  Raquel will have to drive Esse to work and back because she does not drive just like Sheldon.

3.  Esse sits in the same spot to watch her sci-fi and fantasy programs every night just like Sheldon.

4.  When Esse is talking about a Comic-Con, Dungeons and Dragons, a role playing game (RPG) or Assassins Creed, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Raquel is supposed to listen like she understands.  

5.  One issue that took more debate was the use of disposable plates.  Esse said she felt guilty about adding to the trash the planet will have to deal with.  She said she would wash the dishes herself.  Raquel said she felt guilty using the ceramic plates that would need washing because as far as the whole planet is concerned she’s not related while the dish washer is her daughter.  The younger one burst out laughing.  She said her mom was so before environmental science. The ruling was that they would use the disposable only when dictated by circumstance otherwise they will use the ceramic plates.  

6.  The trash will be segregated for recycling purposes.  To Raquel it’s a chore but she agreed.

7.  Garbage will be taken out only once a week, on the specific day that the trash will be collected by the garbage truck.  This means that the garbage would have to be in a plastic bag sealed with a strap to avoid insect lure and the leak of smell.  

8.  Raquel brought a bunch of silverware.  She likes to have some available to use without having to wash what was on the sink.  Esse only approved of three sets that have matching design.  She put the rest hidden where Raquel can’t find them because it irritates her to see varied designs of the silverware.  

   Esse asked her mother if there is anything she would like to add to the agreement.  Raquel replied there’s enough in there for one lifetime BAZINGA!

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