Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Educating Mom 2 - Kim Kardashian and Sheldon Cooper

After 8 years in the US Brenda still had the character she flew in with.  She refused to lose an ounce of her Filipino habits.

   Filipinos are too open even to strangers.   Nobody steals identity in the Philippines.  Even the wanted criminals use fictitious names and identification. Small talk in the Philippines between bus passengers could include the number of children, marital status, health condition, job and religion, etc.  In America those information are on need to know basis.  When her daughter noticed the girl corrected her in a way she won't forget.

   "When you are too open you're becoming like Kim Kardashian.  You know how she got famous.  Right?"  That was enough to change Mom's attitude towards personal information.

   Brenda also has a silly rule about her relationships.  If a friend should miss three of her shout outs she would decide the person has written her off.  This rule was born from what her own mother used to say to her when she was a child.

   "If you can't find a person he probably does not want to see you."

   "If you go to a friend's home too often they will get tired of you and might not be able to tell you frankly they don't want you around."

  Those words said enough number of times instilled in Brenda a defense mechanism about rejection.  Everyone had three shots to respond.  A fourth communication from her might be considered a nuisance.  Her ex-husbands were also given three shots at sexual rejection.  Her relationships ended on that note.

   Brenda's daughter explained to her that people forget to reply or call.  It does not mean anything, just plain shortness of memory.  In America if people don't want you they will gladly tell you.  Until they do it is safe to assume you are still welcome.  The girl suggested her Mom follow Sheldon Cooper's rule about 3 strikes.  The 3 slight minus what good the person has done brings back a shot or two for the person.

   Brenda being an avid viewer of the comedy show herself saw the sense in following Sheldon Cooper's rule.  Too bad she was no longer marrying age.  The lesson came too late.

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