Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On Motherhood

   When my sons were in high school a friend of mine delivered a cute baby boy named Kiko.  To help out the single mom, I borrowed Kiko for weeks at a time often prompting the boy’s mother to ask for him back.  The baby bounced from mom to me and back till the boy became a toddler.  
My 3 children with Kiko in the arms of my husband 

   My two teen sons enjoyed feeding the baby, playing baby games with him.  They rocked him in their arms to put him to sleep like he was their baby brother.  Kiko filled our home with joy.  The whole family enjoyed spending on him. We took him out to play grounds and malls.  Most branches of McDonalds in the Philippines have a play area.  We would order just fries and drinks so Kiko can play there without breaking our budget.  We took him with us on family trips.  When the boy learned to walk our home was customized to make it baby safe.  The under sink drawers were tied shut with strings and anything breakable was moved out of reach.  

   When Kiko’s mother moved we lost our toy son.  As going away present I gave Kiko a copy of My Book of Bible Stories.  The years rolled on.  My sons got married and had babies of their own.  I immigrated to the US.  After 7 years, at 61, I came home to the Philippines for a vacation.  Kiko was there to welcome me.  He’s got a daughter of his own now and works at a call center.  

   Motherhood is defined as the state of being a mother and qualities of a mother.  Pregnancy requires motherhood but motherhood does not require pregnancy.  I will always be Kiko’s second mom and he will always be my third son.  

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