Monday, June 3, 2013

Gerald Anderson, A Great Filipino Actor

   To someone who has been away from the Philippines for seven years Gerald Anderson hit like a bomb.  I was blown away.  

   Budoy was aired in 2011.  I had a chance to see the whole series recently.  A sister in law recorded and saved every episode in appreciation.   Gerald Anderson was suitably awarded for his portrayal of Budoy.  He was great as a boy with Tourette Syndrome in the Maalala Mo Kaya episode “Lubid” which I had a chance to see today in You Tube where it was uploaded in 2009.  

   I’ve always known MMK to be an emotional experience but Lubid left me crying buckets.  It gave enough information about Tourette but Gerald’s portrayal gave it life.  His Tourette tics were so spontaneous one can actually believe they were involuntary.  His lines sounded heartfelt, his eyes and moves connected with his co-stars making every scene seamless.  

   I am grateful for the technology that allowed me to see Budoy and Lubid years after they were aired.  Gerald Anderson is the best Filipino actor I have seen in my entire life.  And I have seen generations of them from Romeo Vazquez to Robin Padilla to Piolo Pasqual.  Gerald seems incapable of over or under acting like most actors are prone to do.  Not even his devastating good looks can distract the audience from his flawless performance.  

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