Saturday, June 22, 2013


   When in danger, adrenaline, a powerful hormone is released into the blood stream which makes the heart rate increase and blood is rushed into muscles and limbs.  It brings about a phenomenon known as hysterical strength.  The awareness and impulses all intensify and quicken.  Symptoms of adrenaline rush are increased strength, dulled feeling of pain and sharpening of the senses like sight and hearing (a distant sound is amplified as loud and near).  Although studies have found a definite relation between adrenaline and fear, other emotions were found to have no effect on adrenaline.  Without an actual dangerous situation or stressful activity, excess adrenaline in the blood leads to insomnia and anxiety.  

   Paranoia is a thought process characterized by chronic irrational anxiety or fear.  It exhibits perceived persecution or a conspiracy against oneself.  Chronic irrational fear triggers a continuous adrenaline release.  Unutilized adrenaline causes insomnia.  

   Vicky was insomniac and used to see tikbalang on a tree from her bedroom window.  A tikbalang is a big naked man with the face of a horse and sometimes smoke a big cigar.  This could have been diagnosed as paranoia however Filipinos are generally superstitious.  Everyone believed that she might have really seen a tikbalang.  She was suspicious of friend and foe alike but Filipinos are generally cautious.  She assumed that her husband was cheating on her but that was typical of Filipino husbands.  She was never examined for paranoia, insomnia or any kind of mental condition. 

   The sex act makes a person relaxed and peaceful.  Therefore untreated insomniacs need to have sex more than normal.  Vicky’s husband enjoyed her insomnia and her hysterical strength.  

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