Monday, May 27, 2013

Invention of Weapons

   “…schemers of what is harmful...they not only keep on doing them but also approve of those practicing them.” (Romans 1:30-32)  These words were written by Paul to the Romans who at that time held countries captive by the power of their weapons and army.  Paul could not have guessed that in the future more powerful weapons would be invented and placed in the hands of children and psychologically challenged adults, and lawmakers would be fighting for the rights of these children and psychologically challenged adults to bear arms.  

   When weapons became big business, the market had to expand to include the civilians.  The police and army that are supposed to protect the rest of society became inadequate so that people were encouraged to arm themselves.  But did they not become inadequate for the very same reason – that people have armed themselves?  

   The inventors and manufacturers of these weapons wash their hands of the blood of the victims.  They did not actually pull the trigger.  The lawmakers with their limited human wisdom agree with them.  However, the God of the Bible with his infinite wisdom inspired Paul to write the passage above to clear the issue before it got muddled by conflicting interests of lawmakers, economists, businessmen, criminals and vigilantes.  The inventors of these injurious things are just as guilty as the people who actually use them.  

   Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse to bear arms.  Many of them were killed by Hitler for that reason.  They fought governments around the world in the courts for the rare privilege of exemption from military training and assignment.  They are merely following the spirit of God’s law above that those who “consent with those practicing them” are just as accountable as those who actually bear arms and kill.

   As of August 28, 2013, 670 Jehovah's Witnesses are now jailed in South Korea for refusing to join the army in accordance with their belief in neutrality.

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