Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Heiress

(To Papang)

Lily's Grandpa
   When Lily was four, her grandfather took her for a walk.  They entered a bank.  

   “This bank belongs to me, someday it will be yours.  Don’t tell your Aunt and Uncles.  I am hiding this from them because I want to leave this to you when I die.” the old man said to her as they passed through the door.

   “Really Grandpa, this bank is yours”

   “Yeah, just watch when I reach that counter the lady will hand me some money.”

   When they reached the counter Lily who was three feet tall looked up to see that money did change hands.  She felt so proud of her rich grandfather.  At her young age she could already appreciate what money could buy.  She envisioned a future as a bank heiress. 

   “Did you see that?  When you own the bank you can get money anytime.  Remember don’t tell anyone at home or they will all be jealous if they find out that I’m giving the bank to you.”  Grandpa said.

   “I won’t tell, it will be our secret.” Lily said.

   The two conspirators walked home and as soon as they got through the door the little girl could not contain herself.

   “Grandpa showed me the bank I will inherit from him.  He’s not giving it to any of you.  I can go there and get money anytime”

   “What bank is she talking about?” Arthur, Lily’s uncle asked.

   The girl can’t read so she can’t say the name of the bank.  She looked at Grandpa for the answer.

   “Monte de Piedad Bank” Grandpa said.  Everyone burst out laughing.

   Lily’s heiress day ended too soon but she knew in her heart if her Grandpa did own the bank he really would give it to her.  There was no doubt that he loved her most of all.

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