Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On Presidential Qualification

   “Under Article 7, Section 2 of the Philippine Constitution, in order to serve as President, one must be at least 40 years of age, a registered voter, able to read and write, a Filipino citizen by birth, and a resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years prior to election.” 

   According to the above article of the constitution anyone who can read or write, which means anyone with basic education is eligible to be president.  Were the founding fathers who wrote the constitution remiss in the language of that article?  Or was that foresight?   Of the past presidents 9 were lawyers, Carlos P. Garcia, Manuel L. Quezon, José P. Laurel, Sergio Osmeña, Diosdado Macapagal, Manuel Roxas, Elpidio Quirino, Ferdinand E. Marcos, José P. Laurel; Gloria Arroyo is an economists.

   The constitution does not require a particular educational attainment because there is none specifically designed for the presidency.  The lawyer will make laws and the economist will make money.  The president’s job is executive, implementing the laws the lawyer made and appropriating the money the economist made.  The president needs simple common sense and the capacity to think outside the box which holds the lawyer and economist inside it.

   In this fast changing world, no leader can keep abreast and remain inside the box.  This is where the street wise college dropout will beat the masters and doctors anytime.  Where a lawyer would say “this is not in the books” and the economist would say “it’s too big a risk” the dropout would say “so what if it has never been done before, let’s do this!”

   A country that surprises world powers by keeping afloat through its underground economy should have a vibrant electorate fighting for one of their own – the street wise college dropout who is not too ‘main stream politics’ to catch what the country really needs.

   King David was a shepherd boy who with God’s favor became Israel’s greatest king (1 Samuel 17).  Would the same God approve and guide a petite female college dropout fighting her own batch of political Goliaths?  Does God approve of women rulers?  What do you think?

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