Friday, April 5, 2013

Unspoken Prayer

   In the Bible Book of Luke 7:11-15, a bereaved widow on the way to bury her only child crossed path with Jesus and his followers.  She has lost her husband and now her son too.  During her time women did not have careers that allowed them to be independent of the men in the family.  Losing both husband and son could leave her destitute.  Worse of all she was facing the prospect of being alone for the rest of her life.  She was so consumed by grief that Jesus took pity on her.  He stopped the funeral procession and raised the widow’s son back to life without her asking. 

   The Bible says nothing about the widow praying to God for her son’s life.  The Bible promises eternal life in paradise in Isaiah, a scripture that existed long before Jesus’ time (Isaiah 65:20-25).  The widow must have simply trusted that God will let her have him back again someday.  

   That incident showed that God through his son’s action hears unspoken prayers.  In 1Chronicles 28:9, it says “…for all hearts God is searching and every inclination of the thoughts he is discerning…”  In Jeremiah17:10 God says “I am searching the heart…to give to each one according to his ways, according to the fruitage of his dealings.” 

   We all have unspoken prayers.  Some we think are too trivial to ask a powerful God.  Sometimes it is because we think we are unworthy of something so impossible.  If we stop and think back hard enough we will find once or twice in our life God heard and in his love and mercy granted an unspoken prayer.

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