Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nature’s Water Park

   The Philippines has only two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season.  The hot summer months gives a temperature of 79.9 ºF.  The rainy season brings a blitz of storms from July to October.  Manila sits on the shores of Manila Bay.  When a rain storm hits during high tide flash flood appears in low lying areas.  Just like in other countries these floods claim lives and loss in property.  The poor who cannot be picky where they should live are the hardest hit. 

   However nothing dampens the Filipino spirit.  The teens look at the flood and see a business opportunity.  They devise portable bridges or walkways above the water and collect toll fees from people who want to keep their feet dry. 

   Some make homemade boats that would taxi people to a dry area so that women can go to work like it’s a beautiful day. 

   The children look at the flood and see a water park they could otherwise not afford. 

  You can hardy hear one complain.  No one sees tragedy.  No one gives up on life.  It’s just another day in the tropical paradise called Philippines.


   Anderson Cooper of CNN during his visit to the typhoon stricken Tacloban City, Philippines said "Thank you for showing us all how to live."

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