Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Rolex

   There are numerous signature wristwatches in the market now.  Fashion magazines are full of them.  Nothing beats the stature that the Rolex watch bestow.  The Rolex is the watch of rulers and dictators, of self-made business tycoons and famous celebrities, of legendary women not just beauty queens.  The Rolex symbol of a crown seems to signify the bearer is set apart from the rest.

   Lenny’s father gifted her with a stainless steel Rolex Oyster Perpetual in 1968 when she graduated from high school.  The whole family was in uproar after all they did not belong to the elite class.  They said a teen wearing an outrageously expensive jewelry in the Philippines could put her life in danger.  They said she should wear it only on special occasions.  They said she can’t wear that and ride public transportation.  Lenny’s father insisted she will wear it to college and everywhere else, and she will ride public transportation with it on.
   Lenny did not care one way or another.  She was too young to appreciate the value of the thing.  She did not know anyone else who wore one.  It was not made of gold so she thought it was overrated.  The new automatic winding feature she thought should not be a big deal.  It was not a heavy chore to wind a wristwatch once a day.  The deep sea water proof feature hence the model was called oyster meant nothing to her.  She did not know how to swim.  She could only go in the shallow end and who wears jewelry swimming.
   A few of the men she dated in college were dazzled by the watch’s promise of prominence.  At least one of them tried to steal it.  Two of them married her because of it.   Her father’s loving gift became a curse making her relationships confusing, unhappy and short lived.

   In 1979, Lenny was married with two sons and still wore the Rolex to work.  She met a handsome man who clearly noticed the watch just like all the rest.  She was smitten besides her husband has been cheating on her since he realized the easy life he wanted was not going to happen.  She dated the new guy without much expectation after so many disappointments.  On their first date they went into a motel.  The man made love to her eight times before they fell asleep.  In the morning she realized the man was hungry for her.  This man wanted the rest of her not what was on her wrist.

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