Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Colorful Past

   There are characters in Jesus’ genealogy which had colorful pasts.  One of them is Rahab.  She was a prostitute who helped the Israelite spies hide.  She protected them by misleading their pursuers.  Knowing the spies would definitely be killed had they been caught she risked her life for perfect strangers who she believed had God’s favor (Joshua 2:1-24).  Her faith that same God would appreciate and reward her for her action gave her that spot in Jesus’ lineage. (Matthew 1:5)

   Another is King David who fell in love with a married woman, committed adultery with full knowledge of God’s law against it and compounded the transgression by plotting the husband’s death.  God appreciated King David’s remorse so that he was forgiven. (2 Samuel 12:1-13; 16-24; Matthew 1:6)

   King Solomon asked for wisdom and he was granted more than he asked for (1 Kings 3:6-14).  King Solomon failed to use the unsurpassed wisdom in his personal affairs.  He fell under the charms of foreign women he knew were worshipers of other gods against his own (1 Kings 11:4).  The God still gave him a place in Jesus’ genealogy (Matthew 1:7).

   Most of us have a colorful past.  It takes boldness upon impulse to acquire one.  People who are indecisive or afraid of consequences would most likely dodge it.  No past should color our future.  The future is always a clean slate.

   The God who knew us from birth discerns the clash between the weakness and strength that lies within.  When we fall from grace He understands and forgives according to His will.  

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