Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Signs

   When he was asked what would be the signs of the last days Jesus predicted earthquakes, wars and famine (Mark 13:8).  Satan, a tricky guy, invented ways to disguise the signs. 

   “Nations rising against nations” is now called a terrorist attack on cities not in a war zone.  Governments don’t declare war anymore.  They let the bullets tell you.  Biochemical weapons are created to cripple countries with diseases that infect humans, animals and produce for the purpose of economic sabotage.  

   The song “We Are the World” was about famine in Africa that killed 80,000.  George Harrison, sang Bangladesh about a famine that killed 1.5 million.  There is a famine no one is singing about, the starving homeless, who live in cardboard boxes, benches, under bridges.  Every city, state and country has them.  If we can put them all in one place we will see the biggest famine of all time surrounded by McDonald's they can’t afford to buy.

   The monitoring of earthquakes, adapting building code to suit quake prone area, modern rescue equipment and procedure help limit the fatalities of earthquakes.  Still they did not predict one that happened under the ocean floor causing a tsunami .  Another kind of earthquake they can’t predict is sinkhole, a word that was not in the scripture. 

   There is one sign Satan has not managed to blur, “the good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth” (Matt 24:14). The good news is now reaching 236 lands. The Bible is published in 188 languages, even in braille for the blind and taught in sign language for the deaf.

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