Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Email Ordered Wife

   The internet globalized trade, friendship and marriage.  One should think it would eradicate wars. It did nothing to connect cultures.  While an apology could now reach an entire country with a click of a mouse, no one has used the internet to heal wounds between nations.  Instead the internet has created pocket wars almost invisible to the naked eye. 

   When a marriage between two people of different race turns into a war, there could be at least one casualty.  When a body gets discovered it becomes news for a short period of time and then nothing but a statistic number.

   The book, The Email Ordered Wifeis about one casualty, who survived to tell her story.  Gina came to USA with high hopes of a lasting happy marriage to a tall blond American.  In just a year, she found herself walking on landmines.   She woke up to find herself at war.  Her Filipino survival instinct kicked in.  

   The book attempts to correct misconceptions on the character of the enigmatic Filipina. There is no divorce law in the Philippines, so internet savvy and English fluent Filipinas search for their second chance in cyber space.  It details the cultural differences that could destroy any marriage in good faith, a must read for anyone contemplating marriage to a Filipina. It brings to attention the racial prejudice prevalent in interracial marriages against which there is no law.  

Post Script: 
The Second Edition came out in April 2014.
Paperback came out in 2016

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  1. A Customer Review in Amazon (5 Stars)By G-Man "Gary"

    A real tear-jerker, March 27, 2013

    As an American with a Filipina fiancee, I appreciate the insight into the Filipino culture, and I enjoy the Filipino's usage of English. For example, we say "stuff" and they say "stuffs."

    While I have known a lot of low-life people, none have been quite as evil as this bad guy. As an American, it it sad to see one of my own countrymen portrayed like this, but it is necessary to tell the story.

    The truth is that there are good people and bad people in every culture. We, on both sides of the ocean, need to learn the culture of the other so we can see the signs to know better what we are getting into.

    In my opinion, an excellent book. Yes, it is a sad story, but that was the author's intent. (Not a reason to lower the rating.)

    Thank you so much Gary!!!