Friday, February 15, 2013

Bullying a Dialysis Patient

   Filipinas have been victims of racial bullying in most countries where Asians are not numerous enough to be considered as a voting mass.  These women suffer silently, accept the injury as a part of migrating process, then come home to the Philippines pretending life abroad was not so bad. 

   One example is a 60 year old patient in a dialysis center in Louisville, Kentucky.  She was the only Asian patient in the facility with all American techs and nurses.  She lost her kidneys through an accident.  She had no other preexisting illness.  She was doing fine until a big bully dialysis tech was hired.  The bully first made fun of her to gain popularity with the other techs. 

   When the bully realized she was getting laughs, she saw that there are more points to be gained.  She escalated the bullying by pouring saline into the old woman’s boots.  Waking with wet feet in the Kentucky winter cold could have given the patient pneumonia.  The patient survived that “joke” probably due to the Filipinos’ phenomenally stronger immunity compared to other nationalities.  This immunity may have been acquired through years of wading in flood water, eating side walk food and living in an apartment that have not seen pest control.  Amazing how the things Filipinos take for granted might actually be saving the nation from extinction.

   The bully’s next gimmick was to pin down the tubes connected to the two needles stuck in her dialysis access on the side table.  Then the bully kicked the reclining seat to upright position.  The needles pulled at the shunt and hurt the patient as expected.  This “joke” could have ripped the shunt which was made of rubber and cannot heal like a real vein.  The patient could have hemorrhaged internally and died on the drive home.  With God’s help she survived that one too.

   The bully’s next plan was to torture the patient with numerous pricking on the wall of the shunt to create a blood clot and clog the blood circulation.  This time she didn’t do it herself.  She made another Tech do it.  Typical of bullies when it comes to bigger damage they step aside and let someone else take the fall should there be any consequence.  The patient clotted so badly she needed a procedure to clear the blood clot.  The bully’s best friend, the fall guy got fired.  The bully remained unfettered.

   When Cain killed his brother Abel, God said to Cain, “Your brother’s blood is crying out to me from the ground” (Genesis 4:10).  This bully should know when the patient’s blood was shed in that procedure, that blood cried out to God for justice.  Cain’s punishment was that all his efforts will no longer bear fruit and he will be a wonderer and a fugitive for life (Genesis 4:12).  The Filipina patient would rather have that kind of justice than a lawsuit settlement so she prays every night to God making sure to mention the bully’s name.

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