Thursday, February 14, 2013

One Adam for One Eve

   Love is symbolized by the heart which is limited to one for each person.  Doesn’t it follow that a person can only love once?  If it were symbolized by the kidney or the lungs then perhaps each person would be allowed to have two loves. 

   Many would disagree.  They might recall accounts from the Bible that says God allowed Jews to have multiple wives.  Many religions at present continue the practice arguing that God had allowed it then why not now.  

   The first marriage with two wives recorded in the Bible was a result of a father-in-law, Laban’s manipulation to keep Jacob, his son-in-law working for him for another seven years on top of the seven Jacob has labored to have his great love Rachel.  Laban’s motive was exploitative.  It was not Jacobs’s idea to acquire two brides.  He was furious when he found out he was given the wrong daughter in marriage (Genesis 29:18-28).  His love for Rachel as the rest of the story showed proves the premise that he loved one despite the unique privilege of having two. 

   Some could argue that it could be because Rachel was better looking than Leah.  The only difference between the two sisters was Rachel’s eyes were prettier (Genesis 29:17).  Sisters tend to look like each other particularly during the epoch when mankind was a few generations away from paradise perfection and genes have not been so diluted by interracial marriages.

   The God who created man gave Adam only one Eve.  Each one of us is allowed one great love in a lifetime, whoever comes before and after THE ONE is ENTERTAINMENT!

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