Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love at First Sight

   Margarita just met a man with prominent cheekbones and chin.  She has never seen such beautiful dimples on a man before.  She had met and dated good looking men all her life but for reasons she can’t understand that moment ago felt so different.  She kept her eyes focused firmly on him during the conversation as if she was afraid he might disappear.  She walked in a daze all day with her feet barely touching ground.  Could this be love at first sight?  Generations have debated the phenomena.  Skeptics dismissed it as fleeting fascination.  In the Bible there are two instances that sure seemed like love at first sight.  

   The moment Jacob met Rachel for the first time he burst into tears (Bible Book of Genesis 29: 10-11) then he worked for fourteen years to have her as his wife (Genesis 29:18, 27;).  That didn’t sound like fleeting fascination.  After her married Rachel, he was faithful to Rachel.  He refused to continue sleeping with Leah so that the woman had to bribe Rachel with mandrakes to make him sleep with her.  (Genesis 30:14-15

   There was no account of Jacob remarrying after Rachel died at childbirth which means he was a widower for most of his life.  (Genesis 35:17-18) and he loved Rachel’s two sons more than his sons with Leah making them so jealous that they sold Joseph into slavery.  (Genesis 37:4, 26-28)

   Everyone knows the story of King David and Bathsheba.  Numerous movies have been made about it.  Here's my take.  

   King David was a faithful servant of God (2Samuel 5:10) and was greatly blessed.  He had several concubines and wives (2 Samuel 5:13) all of whom must be drop dead gorgeous because as a policy Kings are given the best.  Bathsheba was married to a foot soldier, not a General or high ranking officer.  She could not be more fabulous than David’s concubines and wives.  After all, do beat cops marry beauty queens?  Whatever David saw in Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11:2-3) he risked God’s anger by committing adultery with her.  Then he had Uriah killed so he and Bathsheba can marry or else she would be stoned to death as an adulterer.  There is no account of David taking another wife after Bathsheba.  

   It doesn’t happen to everyone but those who have been blessed to have experienced the mystery of love at first sight would swear that wondrous day makes up for a lifetime of misery. 

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