Sunday, February 10, 2013

Goodbye Linda

    Sharon heard recently that one of the friends she left back in the Philippines had died of a heart attack.  She was saddened by the news.  She was hoping to hang out with Linda again when she came home for a vacation.  People have a tendency to believe their friends and family would survive them.  No one wants to let go of even the old and the sick and Linda was neither. 

   Linda took care of herself.  She was gorgeous.  She was endowed with a beautiful face, smooth skin and  natural fabulous breasts that were the envy of women at a time when a fake one was exclusive to the rich and famous.  Those twin bumpers were the fantasy of any male of whatever age that caught sight of them. 

   Roxas Blvd. in the 60's was a bay side highway in Manila lined up with night clubs.  A night club is not just a bar.  It had live orchestra, impressive stage and dance floor, hotel quality food, drinks and service.  Linda worked as an entertainer for the most prestigious one.  Most prestigious meant the women entertainers looked like movie stars.  They came to work in ball gown and perfect make up.  They were high school graduates or college drop outs.  They sat with the customers and danced with them.  It was not part of their job to sleep with their customers.  They can do so outside of working hours if they wanted to but that would take weeks of courting, a lot of gifts and cash all in the form of real love.  Linda had lovers who were politicians and business men as well as the occasional poor but stud material she called freebees. 

   When Linda died at 50 she had raised three children from her teenage marriage which lasted only five years.  She financially supported her parents in their old age and a poor brother with a wife and child. 

   Before anyone should pass judgment, remember these words “Let the one of you that is sinless be the first to throw a stone at her” (Bible Book of John 8:4-11)

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