Thursday, February 28, 2013

Educating Mom

   In the 60’s only the rich could afford an encyclopedia.  The books were expensive and required a big bookshelf to store them.  Each volume of the encyclopedia set was too heavy for a small child to pull and put back in its place so that children generally avoided reading them.  After five years the whole set needs to be updated. 

   These days a child can open an encyclopedia with the tip of his fingers.  It’s in the internet.  The information is as current as yesterday.  Everything is searchable.  What used to take a lot of book carrying and page flipping now take a few seconds to get in the right page. 

   Raquel grew up with an encyclopedia in her living room.  After high school she went to the University of the Philippines.  There was no reason for her not to get smart.  By the 90’s her children have grown.  Like a time traveler she woke up in a world she was not familiar with. 

   One of her sons has become a multimedia artist.  In their conversation he mentioned the words pixel, hard drive, memory and Raquel was stunned.  Wow!  Pixel!  Hard drive!  Her son has become so intelligent.  She pretended to know what he was talking about.  She didn't have her own personal computer.  

   Her daughter came home from college wearing the red Star Trek attire.  Raquel had seen Star Trek in black and white from the time she was a child.  She was stunned.  She remembered that she ran away from home when she was in her teens.  She managed to get to the next city.  Seeing her daughter wearing an outer space uniform sent chills down her spine.  She very calmly asked “Honey, I know you’re a Bachelor of Science in Communications graduate, does that include outer space communication?”  Her daughter laughed.  The girl was in a sci-fi convention

   The following week Raquel bought a computer and asked her son to teach her the applications.  She attended the next sci-fi event just to make sure she’s not losing her daughter to Spock

   Parents smart or not will always have their child’s interest at heart.  “Honor your father and mother…that it may go well with you…” (Ephesians 6:2-3)

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